Services & expertise

Skjoet consulting possesses expertise in the following areas, but also likes to participate in the not strictly technical parts of the development process.


  • Embedded µP systems
  • Miniature / surface mount technology
  • Low power design & portable equipment
  • Digital design, FPGA’s etc.
  • Powerfull and flexible SoPC designs using Altera NIOS Softcore
  • Analogue design, switch mode PSU’s etc.
  • PCB design/layout, Design for manufacture, Flex-Rigid
  • EMC


  • Embedded programming C/C++
  • WIN32, MFC, VBA etc..
  • VHDL

Mechanical design & engineering

  • Knowledge of plastic moulding and design
  • Aluminum extrusion
  • Silicone keypads, adhesives
  • Metal processes (milling, thin plate etc.)