• FPGA based board for controlling 16 magnetic stimulation devices.
    • SAM4 based embedded SW
    • MFC based PC GUI
  • Hall based linear positioning system update with<20um precision. Work on
    temperature dependencies.
  • Blood warmer. CE documentation work
  • Advanced multi detector, multi emitter optical system for vetenarian use. HW +
    embedded SW + PC SW

    • FPGA + STM32 Cortex F4


  • Production burn-in and test system for blood warmer
  • Work on control system for surveillance
  • Python based GUI for diagnostic device


  • Redesign HW for bridge card dealing machine. STM32 Cortex M3 based
  • BLE (beacon) based UV sensor – battery driven
  • Portable Blood warmer for humans
    • HW/SW
    • Thermal simulations.
    • Automated test setup and documentation
  • HW/SW for Water hydraulic valve
    • Dual STM32 Cortex M3 based
    • Hall based linear positioning system with <100um precision
    • ASi interface
    • BLE interface to tablet
    • Android based app for control and maintenance


  • Work on a cloud based bridge card dealing machine
    • Custom web server based on a C++ engine and a MySQL DBL
    • Android based GUI for interfacing dealing device via bluetooth with cloud
    • Firmware rewrite. STM32 Cortex M3 based


  • Carrier board for GumStix module used in medico product
    • HW security features implemented in CPLD
    • Emergency power backup via supercap
  • Temperature measuring device. HW + SW
    • PT100 sensor
    • with a 4-20mA output (powered by it too).
    • Configurable via USB
    • Initial 1000pcs production
  • Light analysis device
    • Spectrometer interface
    • NIOS FPGA based HW, with a ATXMEGA support chip for firmware update and FPGA


  • Design of test equipment for 2.5G fiber research project
  • BLDC motor driver implemented in uP. Development of SW+HW


  • HW and software for medico device used in surgical theater
  • Misc prototype design and assembly
  • Redesign of traffic counter and upgrade of existing customers
  • FPGA subsystem design, prototype development and manufactory of advanced
    contamination detection device for use in the food industry
  • Work on embedded Linux system based om FPGA’s


  • Design of electronics for a battery powered sound measurement system aimed for
  • LVDS to TTL driver and back light support board
  • Prototype design and development of dockable tablet style PC for use in truck
  • Development of second generation of advanced car computer support board.
    Containing advanced features like:

    • 4*25W Class D amplifier
    • GSM modem
    • Dual FM radio for RDS/TMC support
    • Power management
    • MMI support and OLED based GUI
    • CAN support
    • Integrates with a custom ATOM based computer
  • Development of miniature mains powered ZigBee controlled power controller.
    Device was capable of dimming up to 300W and controlling 2kW. Power consumptions
    was measured cycle by cycle and reported back over the network.
  • ZigBee remote control for the above devices. Based on XMEGA chips using a OLED


  • PC application for updating firmware. Ported from C#
  • OLED based uP system for counting and quantifying use of magnetic stimulus
    device – medico
  • Device for measuring magnetic field in 3D around a large complicated coil
  • CAN interface to FMS (Fleet management system) in truck
  • HW and SW for motor control applications.
  • Production support for a major prototype run of complicated system
  • Rotary encoder translation system
  • Design of HDI PCB for an optical application


  • HW and SW for Veterinary analyzer
  • Ultra low power HW and SW for medicine dispenser
  • HW + SW for coating machine.
  • HW for handheld tool.
  • HW and SW for motor control applications.
  • Development of SW and HW for advanced Car computer.


  • Low power design of novel bicycle lamp
  • Custom software for optimizing financial application
  • Medical light measuring device
  • Traffic counter development
  • Hardware and software for advanced Car computer.


  • Development of traffic counting terminal
  • Parts for advanced information sharing product.
  • Development of PDA application for museum use.
  • Development of SW and HW for card sorting machine. FPGA based.
  • Hardware for handheld stress test device.
  • Hardware and software for advanced Car computer.


  • Development of LED panels for medical treatment.
  • Development of HW for handheld tools for construction sites.
  • Development of traffic counting terminal
  • Misc smaller consultancy jobs


  • Development of embedded hardware for bicycle computer.
  • Ongoing projects from 2003
  • Development start of traffic counting terminal
  • Full custom OS development from scratch


  • Software development for municipality
  • Misc review of product for automotive use.
  • Baseboard development for high power medico product – with onboard FPGA.
  • Development of FPGA based demo board for Taiwanese display manufacturer.


  • Software development for handheld terminals.
  • Custom data warehousing software development for large international medico
  • Miscellaneous IT support
  • Development of EMG amplifier for medico.


  • Research for a wrist mounted sleep monitor system. HW/SW + data analysis.
  • Maintenance of traffic counting systems. Copenhagen municipality.
  • Production review and cost optimization of medical product.


  • Development of Access based administrations system.
  • Development of embedded SW for handheld terminal for parking attendants
  • Industrial SW/HW for electrical elevated desks